About Us

Architectural Lighting constitutes one of the most important part of the overall project design. The crux of architectural lighting design and controls is to see the light and not the equipment ensuring a great lighting effect. We strive to achieve this on every project we work on by co-ordinating with the Lighting Designers team and the clients Project Team. It is our constant endeavour to achieve this which is meticulously done by applying a process oriented approach to every project we undertake regardless of the scale. Below is a graphical representation and synopsis of the process followed during the life cycle of a project.


Decorative Lighting is a work of art and requires great detailing and importance to finishes in order to get the result. A good chandelier can change the look and design of an entire space thus it is imperative to follow the designers intent from concept stage to final realisation. This requires a close collaboration and work ethic between the factory production end with the designers mindset and we play the role to integrate these facets.